Friday, April 30, 2010

A little snow still in the meadow, but it's melting fast!

I got the hole for the maypole dug before the snowfall, and am going to try to put up the pole when a few friends are here later today. That'll be after we try to fix the solar panel array, or at least determine how bad the damage is after that last storm knocked half of it down. The road in to the meadow is OK, and though things around here are in a state of end-of-winter disarray, and my life is a fragmented, disorderly mess in general, I don't really much care about those things at the moment, and I hope you'll overlook them too ; )

Blue jays are nesting outside the big cabin window, the big leaf maple leaves are vibrant green, grass is growing in places where we usually don't see it, the springs flow strongly, and dogwoods are just beginning to bloom. AND — the sun is shining today!

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